The Beacon Makati Lobby

The Beacon Makati,a residential resort condominium that offers a tranquil space in the midst of metropolis. Because first impression matters, the lobby was styled to translate a positive feeling and an impression of a resort type condonium. Using the local products, we transform the area a homey and cozy space with an asian theme yet modern look. A space that you will not only noticed but remembered.

Aspire Tower in Quezon City – One Bedroom

Aspire is a residential condominium which gives you the best of both worlds – the upscale life and the warmth of home. Located at the fast-rising area of Libis, Quezon City, Aspire sets the standards in the lifestyle that every city dweller deserves.

The one bedroom unit was designed to meet the owners desire to have a vacation house in Manila that will set apart from the rest of the condo unit. Styled in chic and cozy interior by using bright colors in the furnishing and decors to liven up the neutral palette. Bringing together a crisp and clean layout.

Linear Tower in Makati-Modern Asian Theme

This residential and commercial development enjoys a superior location bounded by Yakal, Mayapis and Malugay Streets in Makati City. Targeting the younger generation, the unit was designed to transform the space from studio to one bedroom. To accommodate the market for long term lease. The unit was designed to showcase a modern and asian theme that is functional, simple and elegant.

The Beacon Makati – Cosy Studio

Though there are some downsides of decorating a small unit — not having as much space and creating an area that feels like living in your bedroom can be quite a challenge. But with some creative ways, we can always make a space that can be a cozy and fun living experience, too.

The designed was also plan for short term stay of guests who wants to explore Philippines and returning Filipinos for holiday, the studio was composed to showcase the Philippine products and decors that can be found within the region. Styled to create a tranquil urban home that connects to the theme of the resort type condominium and as well as a perfect setting for those who wants to experience a home away from home.


Kovan Street Singapore – Resort Style Two Storey House

Inspired by Asian and oriental influence. This house is styled to capture the owner’s love of Balinese, Thai and Chinese decor. Visually connecting the inside and outdoor space to create an inviting and cosy home.

Sarasota Residential Resort in Manila

This one bedroom unit is styled for market who wish to stay near the airport and Resort World Manila for short term stay. A residential condominium address in the tourist-friendly Newport City that links to the famous world-class entertainment, hotel pampering, shopping, dining, arts and culture scene.  Designed to create a homey atmosphere and comfortable space for the guests.