Fabulous Vacation House with a Flair

Vacations are supposed to be an immersive experience. Details such as the clothes you wear, the food you eat and what you see in your surroundings all work together to give you the feeling you’re somehow removed from everyday life. At SNS Lush Designs, we know that décor is an integral part of that experience. We’ve styled this vacation home to give the feeling of being in the Mediterranean by combining antique, vintage and modern furniture, accessories and curtains.

Sleek and Modern with Asian Style 2 Bedrooms Condominium

One of our favorite project of styling and staging. Located at one of the luxurious residential condominium, The Trump Tower.

To fit the image of the condo, the unit interior are carefully styled and stage to adhere to the Trump brand’s superior design and image. The unit owner wanted us to style and stage each space of unique décors and furnitures but has strong Asian and Balinese influence. Combine with modern elements, Asian-inspired furnitures with Balinese influence and detailed pieces of decor. The result is a beautiful and well-balanced mix.

The color palette of wall paper is very fresh, serene and delicate but strong enough to make a statement. Different types of texture, fabric and shades were used to mixed and matched. And beautifully spread around the unit. Using one of kind pieces accessories and the accent features. The look and feel created an atmosphere that is very calm, soft and serene that balance the beautiful flooring and interior.

Sleek Glam Master Bedroom

Bedrooms can often be the overlooked space in your home because no one else sees it. But it should be the opposite. As it’s one of the place in your house where you seek solace and comfort. And there are few things in life that we should indulge like transforming your space to look like a boutique hotel room. We design this master bedroom to make this area like an oasis. A setting where the homeowner can relax and showcase her favourite things. A space where she wants to spend most of her free time. We incorporate storage solutions into decor to display her collections. Wall decor are used to anchor each of the distinct functions from master bedroom toilet and bath, walk in closet, dressing space and sleeping area. Different textures and artistic materials are mixed and matched in different style to represent the personality of the owner. Classy, eclectic and fun.

3 Storey Townhouse – A Few Style in One

To create a design, you need a vehicle assembled with wheels of ideas, a fuel of action, a driver with patience and hard work. This 3 Storey Townhouse is a combination of modern interior with asian and eclectic decorations to suit the needs of the client.  Color palette was thoughtfully chosen as seen throughout the design.  Home decors and furnitures are beautifully mix with different textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors to unify themes and motifs. Mobile: ‎‎‎‎+63 917 571 0005l e-mail: snslushdesigns@gmail.com

Modern 2 Bedrooms Condo with Red Accent

Designing a home is about giving people space to live and allowing them an outlet to express themselves. This 2 bedroom condo located at the suburbs of Manila was designed and completed in 30 days with a goal to make use of the available space and functionality must be a priority. At SNS Lush Designs and Home Decor Consultancy, we deeply believe that beautiful pieces can always make a difference. As we design spaces not only to be noticed but to be remembered. Mobile: ‎‎‎‎+63 917 571 0005l e-mail: snslushdesigns@gmail.com